A PIECE OF HISTORY                Specializing in Salvaged Barn Wood



We search for Old Barns or portions of, that are no longer standing or structurally sound. Respectfully, we Salvage these beautiful Historic Barns rather than see them get loaded and hauled away to end up in a landfill somewhere.

We want to preserve this part of History by Reclaiming as much of these structures as we can....and in order to preserve this part of our American History most of our Creations are made with some sort of Patriotic Design. We create Unique Flags, Stars, Hearts plus other Rustic Designs. We create Custom Design Art Work as well.

What better way to preserve this part of our Heritage and History than with American Rustic Designs! Our Artwork makes a fabulous gift, for Men and Woman, that will continue to last for years to come. 

We are proud of our Countrymen and Woman...our Military, Police, Fireman and All other Service Personnel who put their lives on the line for us each and every day. To our Veterans and POW's MIA...we will Never Forget all your sacrifices.
Thank you All for keeping us Safe and Free! God Bless...

Pat and Casey